Feb 2nd 2011
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We have officially launched our new website at www.SkateHouseMedia.com. This site will remain untouched and will stay on Tumblr (at skatehousemedia.tumblr.com) to serve as an archive from when we started in late 2009 until right now. All of these posts have been transferred to our new site and nothing has been lost!

Jan 31st 2011
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Sector 9 Skateboards would like to welcome Scott ‘Scoot’ Smith to the Sector 9 Team. Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Scoot is a true downhill skateboarder constantly looking for new hills and challenges to raise the level of riding. Keep your eyes peeled for a yellow and green streak flying past you at your next event.”

Louis picked Scoot up from the airport this morning for a week of shredding. Stay tuned…

Jan 30th 2011
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The time has finally come, the SkateHouse must relocate. Our two-bedroom apartment has served us well over the past two years but with 6 current housemates (Max Dubler, James Kelly, Matt Kienzle, Kody Noble, Brian Peck, and Louis Pilloni), we feel we have out grown our humble living space.

We have been searching near and far for a new place over the past couple months, but to no avail. We are continuing our search by asking for your help! Do you or your friends know of any homes or have any connections that may be helpful? We are looking in the Los Angeles / South Bay area of Southern California. If so, please contact us at info@skatehousemedia.com. Thanks and we appreciate any help you can offer!

Jan 29th 2011
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Albuquerque, New Mexico has always been a mecca for skateboarders. Every spring, skaters from all over congregate for to ride some ditches. Last year, local photographer Joel Lipovetsky captured some of the skaters enjoying themselves in the ditches. Check out a few of the rad shots he got of the SkateHouseMates:

Louis Pilloni and “Shotgun” Kody ‘Shotgun’ Noble demonstrate the importance of keeping cool and hydrated in the New Mexican sun.

James Kelly casually navigates through cones and obstacles.

With the sun glaring down, Brian Peck picks up speed to cool him down.

This event is not the only reason to visit Albuquerque. Outlaw races, slide jams, and weekly sessions in the various ditches and hills are common events. If you ever get the chance, road trip to Albuquerque and shred with some locals!

Jan 28th 2011
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A couple of us took a ride out to a local run you must know by now and had a… Good Day. We suggest you pack a car full of friends and do the same thing!

Jan 27th 2011
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Albuquerque ripper and friend Dave Angelus came out to SkateHouse for some shredding. Dave is one of those skater where any spot you take him he’ll make something happen. A true all around skater and charger. If you think this footage is rad, you should see him skate his home turf in New Mexico!

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